Biller is a tool for splitting invoices from restaurants, cafes or shop receipts between members, forgetting about the calculator, quickly and easily.
  • iOS
  • Android
What we did
  • Analytics
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Admin Panel Development
The main goal of the client is to anonymously collect information about the loyal attitude of the visitors to each dish. To do this, it was necessary to make an application for simple division of an account for several people. Simplify the user experience as much as possible by reducing the number of unnecessary clicks and removing unnecessary transitions between screens. As well as the admin panel for storing the collected information.
We conducted a market research, analyzed solutions of other competing applications, thought about what could be done better in Biller, and presented a design concept to the customer. The client liked our approach.
Everyone worked on the design of the application equally: the customer, the designers and the developers. Everything together was determined with navigation, screen state and design system. The Figma graphic editor helped us with this - a tool with the ability to directly access the layout and prototype, as well as collaborate on documents.
The primary goal of UX development was to create a fresh, functional and user-friendly interface at the same time. For this, it was decided to develop a "split view" mode: the screen is divided into two parts. In the upper part of the screen there are check positions and function buttons, in the lower part there is a summary result of the distribution of the amount between persons and detailed information on each of the checks. This approach speeds up user interaction with the tool.
Development technologies
The development was based on React Native. Ml Kit from Firebase is used for recognition. The photo is saved in the gallery on the smartphone, converted and sent to the server. After taking a photo, it can be cropped to reduce its size. Receipt recognition history is stored in a database and synchronized between your account on different phones using Cloud Firestore. Login via Email or Facebook. An admin panel was created for the application using SPA technology in React. It implements modules: viewing registered users, a list of made checks, with information about likes and geolocation.
The application allows you to scan a receipt by taking a photo of the receipt from the camera or uploading a photo from the gallery. Storing the history of purchases by receipts in one place with the ability to edit each of them. Sending the result to friends in the form of a personal check.
Customer testimonial
“The studio's specialists have developed the most convenient solutions and brought them to life, at the same time not limiting the functionality of the service. All project participants approached the development with full seriousness and we are pleased with the result.”
Master Yoda
Project team
Oleg Gamega (CEO), Igor Dzhugostran (development), Irina Bashkirova (designer), Pavel Shevtsov (designer)
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